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Learn-and-earn apps, as the name suggests, are the types of mobile applications that reward users for learning new things from the app. It may include completing certain tasks, levels, or quizzes based on the educational content in the app. 

One popular application that is gaining popularity these days is Zogo. It is a financial literacy app that rewards users for learning finance and completing quizzes and assignments. 

Users, especially GenZs are loving Zogo app. As per the Google Play store, the Zogo app has 100,000+ downloads (at the time of writing). This clearly states that developing a financial literacy app similar to Zogo in 2024 is a profitable idea. 

Taking it forward, we have provided a detailed guide to building a learn-and-earn app like Zogo. Moreover, we have also estimated the proper cost to develop a financial literacy app that is similar to Zogo from scratch. So, without any more delay, let’s get started. 

About Zogo and Its Top-Notch Features

Before developing a financial literacy app like Zogo, it would be better to understand what Zogo is, how it works, and the top-notch features that make it stand out from the rest. 

Zogo is a learn-and-earn finance literacy app that helps users improve their financial literacy and how money really works in real life. The complete finance education is divided into fun modules that make it more interesting for people of all age groups.

How Does the Learn-and-Earn App Work?

Now, let’s understand how the learn-and-earn app works.

  1. At first, the user creates the account by entering basic details, such as name, age, gender, level of financial understanding, and more.
  2. After registration, the user reaches the dashboard where there are various topics related to science, art, music, culture, and more.
  3. A user can choose any of these topics and start learning. The topics are divided into short fun video lessons to retain the user’s interest.
  4. After completing the video lessons, the user has to answer quizzes and riddles related to the topic.
  5. Once answering them right, the user gets rewards, which can be redeemed in restaurants, in-app purchases, shopping centers, etc.

So, this is how the learn-and-earn app works. Let’s talk about the features that make them unique in the market. 

  • Easy registration
  • Interactive dashboard
  • Fun financial educational modules
  • Gamified quizzes and riddles
  • Gift cards as rewards
  • Assistance from experts

Now that you have understood the workings of learn-and-earn, read further to learn how you can also create a similar mobile app.

How to Develop a Financial Literacy App Like Zogo

The following is the step-by-step process to create a financial literacy app similar to Zogo. 

Step 1- Planning

The first step for developing a financial literacy app is to plan what type of app you want to build. Zogo is the best app for financial knowledge. In fact, it gives you money to learn about money.

You can choose other strategies such as:

  • Providing personalized financial advice for retirees
  • Guiding users towards debt payoff

Also, the Zogo app is available for both iOS and Android devices. Similarly, you can also develop a cross-platform mobile application to reach a wider user base. 

Step 2- Set Up a Development Team

You will need an expert and experienced development team to build a Zogo-like learn-and-earn mobile application. Therefore, we suggest you hire the best app developers in India, as they can easily align with your requirements.

The other option can be outsourcing the project to a leading mobile app development company. Whichever option works the best for you, choose it.

Step 3- Design the UI/UX

If you study the Zogo financial literacy app carefully, you will find that it has an interactive user interface that enhances the user experience. The modules are properly structured and can be accessed without any hassle.

Therefore, you must also design an interactive and easily navigable user interface to engage your users. You can also add topic-related graphics to make it more user-friendly. However, make sure that your learn-and-earn app is well-designed and de-cluttered.

Step 4- Develop the App

After designing the user interface, you can start developing the financial literacy mobile app. You can use the top mobile app development frameworks, such as React Native or Flutter to develop the learn-and-earn app.

Also, you must create engaging content that your users can easily understand. Furthermore, you can choose to add various riddles, quizzes, and QnAs, and test what your users learned from the app.  

You can also integrate artificial intelligence algorithms that suggest relevant topics as per user’s age and preferences.

Step 5- Testing and Quality Assurance

Once you are done with the development stage, test the financial literacy application to ensure that it is fulfilling your expectations.

You can try Beta Testing, or use it yourself on different devices like tabs and smartphones and test whether it is functioning well or has bugs. If you found bugs during this stage, fix them, and move on to the next step to develop such learn-and-earn app.

Step 6- Launch the App

Now, it’s time to launch your financial literacy application like Zogo for public use. Publish it on the App Store, Google Play store and other similar stores. 

Don’t forget to promote your applications among your target user base using different strategies, such as app store optimization, influencer marketing, advertisements, SEO, and others. 

Step 7- Update it Frequently

You need to regularly monitor your financial literacy app’s performance. Check the user feedback; and what users say about your app. Read the reviews of your users and make necessary and relevant changes based on their feedback. 

Also, upgrade it with new content and features so that it gains more user attention and stays relevant in the market for a long time. 

Hence, this is how you can develop a custom financial literacy application similar to Zogo. Furthermore, if you need assistance from professionals in developing the learn-and-earn app, feel free to reach out to team ScalaCode.

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Common Features Found in Financial Literacy Apps

In this section, we have listed the top features of successful learn-and-earn financial literacy mobile applications like Zogo.

1. Sign Up and Account Creation 

It is the basic feature that every financial literacy mobile app has. Likewise, your users have to sign up by creating a username and password. 

To create an account, they need to enter details like name, age, interests, preferences, and more. 

However, you can make the signup process easy and fast by providing a signup via social media feature.

2. Educational Content 

 Zogo is one of the top financial education apps that has numerous short-length video-based learning modules that users watch to learn finance. 

For your financial literacy application, you can also create your educational content in high-quality videos and divide it into short modules.

Also, you can add gamification elements to make the education more fun and interesting. 

3. Tests, Quizzes, Riddles, and More

To evaluate how much your users grasp the topics, integrate features that have different tests, riddles, and quizzes related to the topics. Users must pass these tests to earn rewards. 

4. Interactive Report Card

You must provide the report card feature where users can access their results and evaluate their progress. You can integrate charts and graphs to make the report card more interesting. 

5. Rewards

Zogo rewards users with gift cards redeemable at restaurants and shops. You can also use different types of gift cards, coupons, or free access to premium content, to reward your users.

Also, you can give cryptocurrencies or NFTs (non-fungible tokens) that can be redeemable in Metaverses.

6. 24/7 Support

While learning, users can come up with doubts. Hence, you must provide a 24/7 support feature to resolve their queries around the clock. You can use generative AI to address your user’s specific queries. 

7. Offline Mode

This feature will allow your users to learn anytime, even without an internet connection. Therefore, you must offer an offline mode to provide your users with an uninterrupted learning experience. 

8. AI-Powered Recommendations 

Different users have different interests. So, you can integrate an AI-powered recommendations feature to suggest topics tailored to their preferences. This will enhance their user experience, leading to your app’s success. 

9. Multi-Language Content

If you aim to attract users from different parts of the world, you must offer your content in different languages. Hence, make your learn-and-earn app multi-lingual. 

10. Multiple Payment Options

According to a leading mobile app development company in India, your learn-and-earn app like Zogo must have multiple payment options, such as cards, cryptocurrencies, digital wallets, etc., to pay for accessing content. Fintech software development services.

There are various financial literacy apps available in the market. But, if you offer unique features in your app, it will gain users’ attention and soon become a popular learn-and-earn mobile app with millions of users.

Technology Stack To Develop a Mobile App Like Zogo

You can use the following technology stack to build a mobile app similar to Zogo. 

Component Technology Stack 
Front-End React Native
Back-End Node.js with Express.js
Database PostgreSQL
Authentication Firebase Authentication or Auth
Cloud Hosting AWS (Amazon Web Services) or Google Cloud
Real-Time Data Firebase Realtime Database or Pusher
Payment Gateway Stripe or PayPal
Gamification Custom Algorithm or GameSparks
Analytics Google Analytics for Firebase or Mixpanel
Content Management Contentful or Strapi
CI/CD Jenkins or GitHub Actions
Testing Jest and React Native Testing Library

Please note that it is a suggested technology stack to build a learn-and-earn mobile app similar to Zogo. You can use different technologies that align with your requirements, for development. 

Benefits of Developing a Financial Literacy Mobile App

For a business, investment opportunities must bring numerous benefits. Developing a learn-and-earn mobile app similar to Zogo brings various benefits to the table. The top benefits are as follows: 

1. Attracting a Global User Base

When you develop a financial literacy application like Zogo, you attract users from different countries. More users means more revenue, in terms of subscriptions, in-app purchases, and more. 

2. Monetization Opportunities

When your app has millions of users, you get the opportunity to make money by monetizing your app using strategies like subscriptions, partnerships, advertisements, and more. 

3. Brand Image

Your brand image is enhanced when you own a learn-and-earn financial literacy mobile app with a significant portion of the market. This also benefits your other businesses and opens new doors for partnerships and collaboration opportunities. 

Cost of Developing a Financial Literacy App Like Zogo

The cost to develop a financial literacy app like Zogo depends on various factors such as: 

  • Complexity of the development
  • It’s UI/UX designing
  • Features and functionalities 
  • Technologies used in development
  • Development team size and location, and more. 

Hence, it is somewhat difficult to quote the exact amount. However, if we talk about estimations, the cost of developing a financial literacy application costs between $30,000 to $50,000, or more, depending on the aforementioned factors. So, if your question is about – the cost to develop a learn-and-earn app in 2024 which is similar to Zogo, then the upper estimated range is what you to consider.


Financial literacy apps like Zogo allow users to learn new things like finance. But you can consider the sector to develop a learn-and-earn app, for example,  science, music, art, etc., and motivate them by rewarding them through gift cards, cashback, vouchers, and even coupons. 

You can also develop a financial literacy app like Zogo by using the guide given in this blog. Moreover, you can also reach out to experts who are offering fintech app development services. By having them on your side, you can develop a custom Financial literacy app that is exactly similar to what you want. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are the frequently asked questions related to learn-and-earn app development. 

Q1. What are the learn-and-earn apps? 

Learn-and-earn apps allow users to learn various educational topics and reward them for completing tasks, quizzes, riddles, and more. 

Q2. Do learn-and-earn apps pay real money? 

It depends on the application. Some learn-and-earn apps like Zogo reward gift cards, whereas others give coupons, vouchers, in-app coins, etc. 

Q3. What are some learn-and-earn apps in the market? 

Some popular learn-and-earn mobile apps are: 

  • Zogo
  • Robinhood 
  • Acorns 
  • Revolut
  • Cointiply 

Q4. Can I develop a custom learn-and-earn app? 

Yes, you can develop a custom learn-and-earn app tailored to your specific requirements. 

Q5. How long does it take to develop a learn-and-earn like Zogo? 

It depends on the complexity of the development. However, it takes around 3-8 months to build a learn-and-earn app similar to Zogo.

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