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How to Increase Shopify Sales With a Mobile App



CalnderMay 28, 2021
How to Increase Shopify Sales With a Mobile App


Any e-commerce business can boost its sales and revenue on Shopify. It is a commercial platform for companies to set up their online store and presence. Initiated over ten years ago, Shopify has rapidly gained popularity amongst merchants as the internet becomes a shopping hub in the 21st century, with goods sold ranging from physical products, digital products, services, consultations, memberships, experiences, rentals, and lessons.

The primary objective of building a brand through Shopify is to surge sales. It is the most sought-after solution platform that allows establishing an online market existence. To further expand sales, sellers develop mobile applications on Shopify for their businesses. User engagement and customer satisfaction are the key sources of increasing sales on a Shopify mobile store.

You need an experienced Shopify app development company to develop an app for your store for this to happen. With so many unique features and advantages, let’s see how a store can increase Shopify sales through a mobile application.

Push Notifications and Alerts Attract Users and Potential Customers

The most significant value addition of using a mobile application is getting notifications delivered to the customer’s mobile phone screen. Sellers can straight away send direct alerts to their buyers at any time of the day.

Although mails can also be sent out, they are not as efficient and engaging as notifications. The conversion rate is high in the case of notifications on phones. Notifications may include alerts for sales, discounts, new arrivals, order details, etc.

Push notifications are almost the first and foremost step for an e-commerce business to boost its sales and increase traffic on its website. However, to utilize push notification efficiently, you will need to hire a dedicated Shopify developer with sufficient knowledge in this area.

Versatile Payment Alternatives 

As a buyer, payment is an essential factor that fluctuates the decision to buy or not buy a product or service. Providing flexible payment choices makes it easier for the customers to proceed with their shopping.

Having limited payment options can cause negative marketing for your e-commerce business. Various options like UPI, Net Banking, Digital Wallets, Debit/Credit Cards, COD, etc., should be available at the buyer’s disposal to encourage a smooth shopping experience.

The checkout process can swing a customer’s decision to invest in the product. Therefore, checkout is a crucial point that you might consider discussing with your Shopify app development company to maximize sales.

Improved Customer Service

An application can augment the customer service of your e-commerce business. Therefore, hire a Shopify developer to create an app for your store with a more systemized service process for the buyer or anybody who has a query.

In the absence of an application, mails are generally used to contact and reply to incoming questions, which is a prolonged resolution method. Queries on returns, refunds, exchanges, and other regular topics are quickly answered through Shopify’s application.

Apart from customer service, the customer also receives customized content of products, personalized products, and store settings.

Referral Programs and Loyalty Points

A referral program without a mobile application is practically useless. Referrals are almost a free form of marketing that benefits both the existing customers and potential customers.

Sales can be boosted by adding referral programs to your business. Mobile applications only make this process easier. A referral program gets complicated without an application, and Shopify’s mobile app helps you overcome this barrier.

Loyalty points are also an encouraging form of promotion whose awareness is maximized only if delivered through an app. Customers get to know about their points and various offers through their phones with just a few taps.

One-step Purchase Process

Purchasing a product involves many steps that can frustrate a customer and lead to no purchase made by them. Entering personal details, payment details, billing information, shipping information, navigating to various sections while purchasing is a significant setback of websites.

Shopify minimizes the number of steps involved while purchasing through a mobile application. A one-click option to buy something is way more convenient for a shopper looking for a hassle-free shopping experience.

The ‘Buy Now‘ option reduces the time taken and the sections navigated by the customer. The checking-out process is simplified.

AR Technology is Trending and Attracting

Augmented Reality is a leading trend in e-commerce businesses. Making good use of this tech can boost sales immensely. Stores cannot use AR unless and until a good Shopify app development company is involved.

With the help of AR, the customer can have a look at how the product is looking on them beforehand. Shopify uses AR in its mobile applications and helps to create a virtual reality. Any buyer is intrigued by the idea of trying things on virtually and hence, directly affecting sales and marketing.


Building a website on Shopify might not be the last step to your e-commerce business. Developing a mobile application can involve a lot of work, but Shopify makes it easier for all its merchants. It makes it easier for the seller and the buyer to have an enriched purchasing and selling experience. Hire Shopify developers from iWebServices to enhance the buying experience for your store visitors.

How to Increase Shopify Sales With a Mobile App
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How to Increase Shopify Sales With a Mobile App
If you want to expand your eCommerce business then develop a Shopify app loaded with these features to increase traffic and sales.
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