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The Growing Trend of Mobile-Based Start-Ups in India

  • Tuesday, June 19, 2018
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Technology has been kick-starting many startups globally and India has been no different with the huge pool of educated talent present and mobile user base. The interesting fact about India is that the growth of mobile internet users in India will exceed 478 million in 2018 as per the Internet and Mobile Association of India IAMAI[1]. Looking at this huge growing market base, there have been a plethora of mobile-based internet startups offering a host of products and services on the mobile front.

Mobile usage has shot up in India due to increased faster connectivity, cheaper Smartphones, and services that have become affordable on mobile. Digital entertainment is the core reason that is driving demand for new revenue models in the mobile space through apps and internet streaming services. Bangalore has been the startup hub in India and other metros too have produced their own share of mobile startups.

The mobile ecosystem in India has got a lot of collaborative boost from international organizations. There has been venture capital funding, merger, and acquisitions in mobile-based startups because of brilliant ideas that have been implemented. Last year in 2017, there has been a partnership between Facebook and a startup accelerator like TLabs who partnered so that they can support mobile startup ecosystem in India. They have been involved in educating entrepreneurs and helping in issues related to data analytics, monetization of services and optimizing user experiences.


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Mobile-based startups in India have been getting positive empowerment helping them to become successful. Some of the mobile apps have grown at an astounding pace and have become successful models. Paytm and OLA are examples of mobile startups that have grown in the Indian mobile startup space offering services in the payment and app-based taxi space. We also have other apps like BigBasket, SnapDeal, and Grofers who are successes. Besides success stories for making apps for mobiles, there have also been success stories from some startups that developed tools for the mobile apps to function properly – like Little Eye Labs that built an app analysis tool to provide detailed insights on app behavior enabling resource optimization and benchmarking. This startup was able to have Tier 1 international clients like Intel, Qualcomm, and GE. Recently this starts up was acquired by Facebook.

Mobile-based startups are flourishing in India as the ecosystem is favorable and enables promotion and development of ideas at a much lower cost compared to other industry start-ups. We will have more action from India mobile-based startups in today’s digital information technology space in the years to come.

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