Should I hire a freelancer or an agency?

  • Monday, July 16, 2018
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In today’s times, many businesses have different working models and need to get different types of work done that require multiple skillsets. Unlike the past where jobs were meant to be done in a 9am to 5pm manner, today’s businesses require a varied skillset and work to be done faster by coordinating with people in different geographies. The technologies too have become so advanced that people can work from any remote location and deliver the work.

Businesses today are looking at flexible options and seek experts in the form of freelancers. But then they face a major question – Should they hire a freelancer directly or go to an agency to get freelancers?

The classification is pretty plain and simple – Freelancers are self employed individuals who offer their services to clients. A freelancer agency will have multiple freelancers that will be managed by a manager.

Advantages of hiring a freelancer

Cost: A freelancer will be less costly as they are individuals and do not have any overhead costs

Specialization: Usually freelancers are specialized in a particular area and will be good at their work.

Flexibility: Freelancers are flexible and can adapt to client’s working schedules like working outside normal hours.

Downsides of hiring a freelancer are that they may not be reliable and may be away on other assignments which could impact work. One will need to check the work samples before hiring to be sure of their expertise many times.

Advantages of going through a freelancer agency

Talent availability: An agency will have multiple talented specialists under them and can easily put together a team to assist any assignments.

Time saving: An agency can get a team ready much faster than a business that tries to get a freelancer directly.

Replacement: In case of emergency or changing skillsets mid-project, agency can provide rapid ramp up of needed skill resources.

Long term association: An agency can help in the long run with flexible resources rather than direct freelancers.

However, an agency may be costlier than hiring a freelancer directly, but it provides multiple benefits as above. Businesses need to assess their requirements and take a wise decision based on their requirements and projects.

Mairaj Saifi

Mairaj Saifi heads Creative Research & UX Unit at iWebServices. He brings in years of expertise in crafting human-centred User Interfaces for businesses across varying functions and industries. Mairaj loves to bring uniqueness to every project he takes up and that aptly connects the brand to their audience, right at the first sight. When not working, Mairaj can be found busy being a constructive critique to his UI community.