Hiring a Web Developer? Ask these five questions first!

  • Thursday, March 29, 2018
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The ever increasing reach of the internet along with its growing penetration among world population has made it a necessity for every business to own its web presence in the form of a website. Which is why all sort of businesses, be it a startup or a large corporation look for web development services to enhance their presence on the internet.

They all realize the potential of a great website, however not all of them know the right questions to ask their developer(s) before awarding a web development project; something that can lead to potential disappointment.

If you’re an entrepreneur and can relate to this situation, here are the five most important questions that you can ask your developer before beginning the web development process:

1. What sort of websites do you build? Do you use pre-made templates or start things from scratch?
As the web traffic could come from any source: a mobile, a tablet, a laptop or a desktop, see if the developer can make responsive websites. The responsive websites adjust their layout automatically as per the aspect ratio of the device, giving your visitors the best possible experience. Also look into whether your developer can make a custom website from scratch (a pricey proposition) or can only customize pre-made templates (a low-cost proposition).

2. Can I see a list of your current/past clients along with your portfolio?
Always look for diversity in the portfolio, as it shows that your developer can work with an open mind and can handle variety or customization, if required. Also, look into whether he/she has handled a similar client before, so that you can save time on his/her learning and adaption phase.

3. Can you provide me contact details of some of your current/past clients?
Go for a developer who can offer you a ready list of references. Select a few clients out of the list and call them up in person, if possible. Talk with them about their expectations and how the developer helped them out with those? Also, enquire about their experience of the web development phase and post project delivery.

4. How do you calculate the cost and what are the inclusions?
Some web developers charge on hourly basis, while some offer pre-set packages. Go for the option that suits your time and budget. In case you go for a pre-set package, check all the inclusions carefully and enquire about scope/charges for possible revisions beforehand.

5. What will be the mode of communication during the development process?
Last but not the least, the communication between you and your web developer should be clear and timely, to keep all possible project delays at bay. Make use of a ‘task management and team collaboration software’, such as TeamWork to keep your project on the right track.

We at iWeb Services, have handled a variety of web development projects in the past seven years. From an eCommerce website to complex web / mobile apps, we have handled it all. If you need any advice or consultation about revamping your website or putting up a new one, connect with us! Our consultations are always ready to speak to you.

Hiring a Web Developer? Ask these five questions first!
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Hiring a Web Developer? Ask these five questions first!
Here are the five most important questions that you can ask your developer before beginning the web development process.
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