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Top 7 Android Application Development Tools That are Used Widely

  • Friday, January 31, 2020
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No matter what types of mobile applications you are seeking to develop for your business, Android is the right platform for you to go with. In other words, Android apps of late became a primary need for businesses from multiple industries for catering to their a variety of needs.

You might be thinking about how developers manage to create a range of Android applications to cater to different businesses? Well, they do it by leveraging various tools and technologies.

The fact can’t be denied that Android application development is considered to be one of the most popular jobs. In order to become an Android developer, one needs to have in-depth command over Android components, Java foundation, Android network programming, XML, database, and lots more.

The job of Android developers is not only to build an application, they need to ensure that the developed application is advanced and also user engaging. In order to do so, they need to be well versed with the latest technologies and trends and also implement these with perfection to ensure the end product is robust and user engaging.

Popular Tools of Android Application Development

In this article, we are going to discuss various tools that a professional Android app development company leverages widely to create a wide variety of Android applications. Take a look.

Android SDK

While talking about some popular tools for Android application development, it’s good to start with none other than the Android SDK, which is the most popularly known development kit for Android.

Android SDK includes a complete set of debugging and development tools that developers leverage for creating different types of Android apps. It is popularly known as modular packages that one can download separately with the Android SDK manager.

The latest version of Android SDK contains SDK documentation, SDK resources, Google API, Android support, SDK platform tools, SDK example, etc.

Android Studio

Popularly known as an official IDE for Android and also includes every important thing an Android application development agency leverages while creating mobile apps. As the name suggests, the tool is exclusively for Android application development and also leveraged by developers to a wider extent.

Android studio is blessed with a large number of features that include intelligent code editor, APK analyzer, visual layout, flexible build system, quick simulator, and lots more. The latest version of Android Studio is 3.5, which developers use widely to build Android applications.


When it comes to Mockplus, it emerged as an important prototyping tool. Mockplus emerged as a top-notch tool for Android development. It is capable of creating an Android prototype interface and tends to rich interactive function within 5 minutes.

It also offers a complete Android component library for downloading and provides a lot of samples of App prototype design.


Fabric is another most important tool for Android application development, which is highly popular among Android app developers. Developers leverage this tool to helps businesses track real-time data related to user engagement and help them foster.

Fabric offers a real-time application, health status, etc. and developers use this tool from development to launch. Besides, it also lets developers access data related to user activity where users prefer to interact with the application.


B4A stands for basic4android simple but robust Android app development environment. As the name suggests, the tool is developed exclusively for Android app development. And it doesn’t support any other platform for app development.

As far as features are concerned, B4A is blessed with a number of dynamic features that include simple programming language, wireless debugging, visual editor, and lots more. The best thing about this tool is that it is able to compile code into Android apps even without the support of runtime environments.

Android Debug Bridge

Also known as ADB in short form, Android Debug Bridge is another popular tool for Android development, used mainly for debugging. Being an essential tool for creating Android apps, the tool has emerged as a client-server program for Android developers.

It includes 3 important components that include clients who send command, command that daemon runs, a server that is managed and run between the clients and daemon.


You may indeed be aware of the importance of IDE (Integrated development environment) for building real Android applications directly on those devices powered by Android. It is blessed with several top-notch features that include interactive coding lessons, visually design apps, AIDE support, run apps with a single click, etc.


The demand for Android application development is growing day by day. Above are some of the tools that an Android development company uses to a wider extent to create a variety of mobile applications. When you hire an Android application developer, you should always ensure that they leverage these tools in a better way.


Blessed with a sound expertise in Web & Mobile technologies, Mark nurtures a great passion for writing. As a tech-geek, he possesses in-depth knowledge of programming, architecture & cloud-infrastructures and loves writing on diversified topics including Internet-Of-Things, Artificial Intelligence, Progressive Web App, Smart TV & Wearable & more.

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