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The primary necessity in various fields is to write code within a stipulated period to stay competitive in a rapidly transforming digital world. Developing a secure, robust, and scalable web solution is the ultimate way to match this pace. PHP CodeIgniter is a viable solution as it offers several functionalities and toolsets to aid developers in creating web solutions with fewer efforts. But, with this, it is also critical to hire a CodeIgniter developer who can write apt code using the right IDE. This article aims to provide insight into the best IDE for CodeIgniter to use in web applications.

What is the meaning of the Integrated Development Environment?

Integrated Development Environment is a collection of tools, code editing software, debuggers, and other automatic coding features that help a web app developer to build a web application that is robust, integrated, and thorough. It is a software application that expedites the process of developing software. For the same reason, it is a popular choice among CodeIgniter web development services providers.

A conventional Integrated Development Environment has features to modify, amplify, compile, deploy and debug software. The required manifold of development utilities for developing software is reduced with the use of IDEs.

Key Differences Between Integrated Development Environment and Code Editors

The line of difference between an Integrated Development Environment and a Code Editor is significantly blurred. Hence, it is necessary to clarify why they are pretty distinct from each other.

Usually, an IDE is restricted to one unique coding language. While on Code Editor, programs can be written in several programming languages.

An Integrated Development Environment facilitates the front-end and the back-end development of software by providing various packaging managers that can debug, compile, write and execute codes as well at the same time. A Code Editor differs from an IDE in this aspect because it only facilitates the code writing procedure.


CodeIgniter is a PHP-based framework that helps developers in creating dynamic websites using PHP. It is an open-source model view controller-based framework. As compared to other PHP frameworks, it is popular among developers for its speed. Even the PHP’s inventor, Rasmus Lerdorf, quoted at frOSCon in 2008 he admired CodeIgniter, “as it is faster, lighter and the least like a framework.”

Available packages offer operations such as file uploads, email sending, and session handling. It is based on the MVC pattern, in which controllers are a compulsory element while views and models are non-compulsory ones. MVC framework allows developers to fabricate several web development cycles simultaneously with a professional design.

Reasons to use CodeIgniter 

  • CodeIgniter aids in fast error management and practical error resolving.
  • CodeIgniter is accessible for free to any developer with a ruffle-free coding experience.
  • The manager packs are easy and straightforward to understand, edit and implement.
  • Even with inbuilt libraries, CodeIgniter is lightweight, which makes it even more effective.
  • CodeIgniter has a smaller footprint.
  • A comprehensive collection of libraries.
  • PHP framework minimizes time consumption.
  • High-quality record documentation in the preferred coding language.

5 Best Integrated Development Environment for CodeIgniter to Use for Web Development


Eclipse gives endlessly customized extensions to its users that can support multiple combined coding languages. Writing code becomes more manageable, and developing a website becomes smoother. Eclipse supports applications with both graphical and non-graphical user interfaces. It has become the most popular Integrated Development Environment that numerous programmers are using.


PhpStorm supports effective code finishing, refactoring, and error elimination. It is compatible with WordPress, Magento, Symfony, Drupal, and other sought-after frameworks as well. The editor receives the full extent of the code and structure. It also supports almost all contemporary coding languages. The user interface is also enticing.


One of the most popular Integrated Development Environment for website development, NetBeans focuses on reducing the time invested in building a web application. It is highly compatible with CodeIgniter and has access to multiple coding languages. NetBeans is also used for alternate advancements and offers integrated subversions.


A web application is preferably suggested to be built using Scriptcase. A blueprint of the website can be transformed into real-time productivity in a short time. It consists of efficient development tools that support the CodeIgniter framework. However, because of the higher price scale, it excludes itself from the options for small-scale developers.

Zend Studio 

With high-speed functioning, Zend Studio is one of the best amongst the lot. It has a fine structure for debugging and code writing. It is also a feature of the PHP debugger. The distinctive feature that sets it apart from other IDEs is that it is compatible with different servers on the cloud.


With various readily available applications for Integrated Development Environment, choosing the best option for a business has become challenging. Selecting the most efficient IDE is of utmost importance for developers while building the website app because factors like time, money, and scalability affect coding requirements.

All of the IDEs mentioned above have exceptional tool packages that will converge the coding process on a large scale. These applications also help reduce the speed and time taken for building a high-quality website. Each of them is different from one other yet has a common goal.

Talk to your CodeIgniter web development services provider to consider all the necessary factors while selecting the right IDE for your application. Though each one is easy to operate, feasible, and convenient.

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