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Using the most advanced tools, resources and cutting edge technologies, iWeb’s team of seasoned AngularJS experts and developers are capable enough to fulfil any web or mobile application development requirement.

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Among various Javascript Model–view–controller frameworks, AngularJS is the most popular and widely used. Developers use it to build structured front end applications that are lightweight, responsive, scalable and easy to test. AngularJS is also very flexible, thanks to its API integration; developers can work with any server-side technology and integrate with any third party APIs to grow app functionalities.

AngularJS Benefits For Your Business

Why Used Angular
  • Localization
  • Ease and speed of development
  • Build custom widgets with the help of directives
  • Reusable HTML components
  • Comprehensive unit and the e2e testing environment
  • Flexibility to filter data & Ease of testing
  • Two way data binding between Model and DOM
Python based Web Frameworks
  • AJAX Development
  • AngularJS Migration
  • API Development & Integration
  • Development Consulting
  • Mobile App UI/UX Development
  • Plug-Ins Development
  • Web App UI/UX Development

Our Angular Development Services

  • Interactive Dashboards

    Build perfectly designed and precisely prepared interactive dashboards for enhanced real-time user experience.

  • Python Migration Service

    Flexibility to migrate your existing project from Python to AngularJS for further development.

  • eShops And Marketplaces

    Create e-shops to promote local businesses or setup multi-product, multi-seller marketplaces.

  • Theme Generators And Text Editors

    Create theme generators and text editors to suit one’s personal taste and to facilitate expression.

  • Custom Widgets Development

    Want a particular functionality in your product? Get a custom widget developed for your exact requirement.

  • Social Networking Platforms

    Setup a new social networking platform like facebook & twitter, or develop for a small community based platform.

On-time, value-driven Angular solutions!

AngularJS is used by close to 8,000 major websites including some of the prestigious names like ABC news, Intel, NBC etc. The reason behind the extensive popularity and usage of AngularJS’ is that it offers simplicity for programmers and developers while offering unmatched flexibility for large scale rollouts.

Benefits of Using AngularJS Framework
  • Declare dynamic views in web applications
  • Build enterprise-ready single-page application (SPA)
  • Appropriate for both mobile and web applications
  • Get a data binding, modular, event-driven architecture
  • Get better front end development, yielding better results
  • Get quick and easy application development
  • Get outstanding flexibility
Why Choose iWebServices for AngularJS Development?

iWebServices is a reliable name in the industry, providing excellent AngularJS development and consulting services for the clients around the world. Our team specializes in creating high-quality web and mobile apps for different user applications. Thanks to our expert AngularJS developers who are knowledgeable and well-aware of all features of the framework.

  • Agile and dynamic AngularJS development solution
  • Use Mysql at the backend with SPA development
  • Open source frameworks to enable the deployment and maintenance of powerful web applications
  • Compatibility with ORM and MVC design patterns
  • Adherence to smarter ways of configuration
  • Reduction in development costs
  • Lesser number of codes and quick turnaround time
  • Opportunities to set up sophisticated databases for development-friendly capacities
  • A friendlier and more active development community
  • Flexible licensing patterns
Success Stories.
  • StreamLine

    We designed & developed this ERP application that connects to SalesForce CRM & MarkPro construction software. The ERP liason between the two systems and manipulates the portals’ own data with the data that are being fetched from the auxiliary systems (SalesForce & MarkPro).

    The portal interacts with four different user levels named as Buyer, Buyer Agent, Sales Agent, Sales Manager in a closed environment giving a 360degree user experience through property customization, purchasing, communication & tracking.

    To see some recent projects visit our portfolio, or contact us if you’re ready to get started.


  • Is AngularJS a templating system?

    At the highest level, it does look like one, but its 'bidirectional data binding' makes a good fit for application development.

  • Do I need to worry about security holes in AngularJS?

    AngularJS does provide built-in protection from basic security holes, including HTML injection attacks and cross-site scripting, but like any other technology it's not 100% impenetrable.

  • What browsers does AngularJS support?

    AngularJS usually works well with the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Safari for iOS, as well as Internet Explorer versions 9-11.

  • Can AngularJS use the jQuery library?

    Yes, it can use jQuery if it's present in your application.

  • Do I really need jQuery for Angular?

    Not really, Angular is independent of jQuery.

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