• Amazon AWS Development

    We are one of the few Amazon cloud service providers in India and have already executed several projects using AWS’s excellent online provisioning and infrastructure-as-a-service model. From setting up AWS compute engines to configuring S3 storage units or architecting high performing Amazon RDS databases, we have delivered an array of various AWS-powered web & mobile applications.

    Charge your next Web App with the Power of AWS Cloud infrastructure today!

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    Why Choose iWEBSERVICES for Amazon AWS Services

    We at iWEBSERVICES can deliver the best AWS powered cloud services at your fingertips. Our cloud computing services enable you to run virtually everything in the cloud: from enterprise applications and big data projects to social games and mobile apps. Our experts can help you deliver, automate, enable, secure and govern a comprehensive hybrid IT delivery model that meets business objectives and delivers high-performing, cloud-ready applications leverage AWS infrastructure as service back-bone.

    AWS Benefits

    • Pay as you go

    • On demand infrastructure scaling

    • Increased speed & agility

    • Secured environment

    • Integrated framework - Build to deploy

    Our AWS Integration & Development Expertise

    • Amazon S3 Development services
    • Amazon Cloud Front integration
    • Elastic Load Balancing for handling real-time traffic spike
    • Amazon Simple Notification Services
    • Amazon RDS DB configuration
    • AWS Direct Connect Service Set Up & Maintenance
    • AWS API gateway
    • Amazon Elastic Transcoder for video encoding
    • Amazon EC2 Compute Configuration
    • Amazon Dynamo DB Set-up & Consulting
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      Transforming Business Since 2011
    • 1000+
      Projects Successfully Delivered
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      Tech Nerds
    • 400+
      Apps Launched
    • 30+
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      Full Service Digital Agency

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • How popular is AWS?

      AWS is used worldwide with an active user base of more than 1,000,000 people. And its growing every day.

    • How safe and secure is AWS?

      It is very safe and it meets all possible security compliances, but you can always work upon it to make it even safer.

    • Could you name a few companies that use AWS?

      AWS is used by: Adobe, BMW, Canon, General Electric, Hitachi, HTC, Johnson & Johnson, Lamborghini, McDonalds, NASA, Netflix, Nokia, Philips, Pinterest, Samsung, SAP, Schneider Electric, Scribd, Siemens, Sony, Unilever, WeTransfer, Xiaomi, Yelp and many more big names across diverse business domains.

    • I'm a small/mid-size business owner. Would AWS be beneficial for me?

      Yes of course, as majority of AWS users are small and medium entrepreneurs.

    What people say about us

    • John

      I’ve worked with iWebServices on a number of projects and wouldn’t take my business anywhere else. They’re efficient, effective and innovative on how they approach things. The culture of the team is customer first and they get things done. I started with a website and graduated to an app. The depth of their talent is unquestionably the best in the business.

    • Daniel

      Highly recommended team to work with.

    • Rensley, NicoBeacon

      In a few words very professional and accurate. I would recommend people to work with them. Very satisfied with their jobs.

    • Carolyn, Empowered Achiever

      We’ve been working with IWebServices for 5 years or so now working on a wide range of tools… from websites, to assessment tools, a learning management system and more recently development of an App.

      Always professional and we’ve developed a close relationship over time.

    • Mark Crowther, Scrifterly

      From start to finish the engagement with the team was professional, cooperative and supportive. The project manager quickly got in touch, set up access to a project management tool for myself and the team and connected on Skype. Checking in each day via Skype and responding to queries I was able to monitor the progress of the steps being worked on and give feedback, that was responded to in every case.

    • Alexander Jones

      The team delivered good work and provided useful suggestions throughout the project. Communication was great. They took the project seriously by using project management tool. They were also being flexible with my schedule and took time to hop on Skype at times that were convenient for me. Besides, they brought up any concerns they had that came up while developing the site and we discussed about it to move the project forward. I would recommend iWebServices to others and I plan on working with them again in the future

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    We cherish each and every moment. From coffee breaks to brainstorming session, come see us live in action to know how fun and play intermingles with work at iWEBSERVICES.

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