• 3 Most Workable Principles for E-Commerce Website Design

    mmby Mahabir Prasad | Friday, May 19, 2017

    In this competitive world where every business goes through cutting-edge technology, keeping an e-commerce platform ahead from others is a daunting task. Many visible factors like website design are crucial when it comes to users looking for easy access of products and services. To ensure this, Bespoke eCommerce development has come up with the 3 most workable principles for e-commerce website design. These are discussed right below.

    1. Website Navigation

    The first and foremost principle of e-commerce website development is to navigate the design as per the user’s needs. For this, you have to check on menu structure and sitemap of your website. Header of your site should limit to the following elements:
    i. Logo
    ii. SEO strategy while having three to seven main navigation links for main categories
    iii.Use three to five utility navigation links for secondary actions such as Contact Us, Login, My Account, etc.

    2. Call to Action

    Now what to do after website navigation? Once you did the entire process of website design including content development, your next task is call to action. This element must be put in place on each page of your website. In this process, you have to check every piece of design and content for making sure that it is clearly visible. For example, every product thumbnail should have a bold “Shop Now” and “Add to Cart” button so that visitors can have easy clicks. For something innovative and creative, there is nothing better than Bespoke ecommerce development.

    3. Implement Checkout Process

    The last element of e-commerce web development is to implement checkout process. In this process, you have to check what type of results you are getting when users visit your website and click on any of your website services. And what needs to be done next for making website better. Bespoke eCommerce solutions have this feature that helps you to have more accessible website.
    So, have these three workable principles for e-commerce website design and get the desired business results. Of course, you must outsource web development for making your website attractive and easy-to-access.

    Mahabir Prasad

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