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We love Startups for their sheer passion and drive towards changing the world. Which is why we work with them as their interim CTO and help them build innovative products and services so that they can effectively solve real world problems.

  • Idea Validation

    Every successful business sprouts out of an idea, but not every idea sprouts into a successful business. That’s why Idea Validation is important. The process tests and validates the feasibility of your core idea prior to its launch and provides a good insight into what to expect from it.

  • Minimum Viable Product

    Post validation of the idea, we aid you in developing a minimum viable product (MVP) to gauge the scope of scalability. With the help of an MVP, you can test your product idea in the actual environment with minimal resources.

  • Stage Development

    Things executed in a rush, often lead to disappointment, that’s why we believe in taking one step at a time. From planning to execution, we follow a stage-wise model where each stage comprises of certain pre-set activities, accomplishing which we create a solid foundation to move upwards.

  • Complete Product Engineering

    From designing and development to launch and sales, we keep a close eye on each aspect of your proposed product or service. What’s more, we also keep refining it based on the continuous feedback from your customers.

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  • 60In60 Challenges

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And this is HOW we do it.

We bring in the required competency and flexibility that helps in realizing the market potential and growth for the startups, by developing ideal software solutions.

  • Technology Incubator

    We help startups in adoption and implementation of digital technology for accomplishing a 360-degree transformation in their operations and processes. This requires a deep understanding of people, processes and digital technology. When achieved, it drives innovation and growth by creating a unique value proposition for the customers and other stakeholders.

  • Subject Matter Consulting & POC

    The lesser the competition, the better the chances of success. That’s why when your idea reaches our table, it becomes our job to keep you above your competition. To do so we conduct competitive analysis and more ahead with faster, smaller and agiler technologies. This provides you the exact picture of your competitive landscape and what your competitors are up to. Something that you need to out perform your competition.

  • Bootstraps costs

    To minimize your startup’s initial costs and to provide you a much needed structured and strategic launch, we help you out in identifying the target audience for your proposed product or service. We do this by performing several technical analysis with utmost care including, geometric segmentation, demographic and socioeconomic classification and psychographic analysis so that we could reach the target audience in the most efficient way possible.

  • Partnership Programs

    Having worked with various startups from different work domains since our inception, we have researched and analyzed certain key indicators that play a vital role in any startup’s success. This has made us more confident on how startups should be pitched to the investors for maximum funding possibilities. Over the past few years, we have helped several startups in pitching and their successful funding from angel investors for a promising launch.

Startup Partnership

We genuinely love working with startups and making them successful; involvement with 100+ startups during our existence is the living proof of it. What’s more, we already have ventures with 10+ startups, where we invest a part of our service fee for mutual betterment and growth. This partnership strategy of ours provides startups the support of a trusted technology partner in their initial phase and a trusted business partner in their growth and maturity phases.

Why iWeb for Startups

  • We love Startups

    Each startup holds the potential to blossom into a large business enterprise. Be it Google, Facebook, Whatsapp or Alibaba, all were once startups. We value new ideas and passion to make them successful; that's the reason why we love startups.

  • Experience of building 50+ Startups products

    Over the past 6+ years we have helped more than a hundred startups to make it big in the market.

  • Right Team and Size

    Our teams are small in size and high on talent to keep that right balance between communication and productivity.

  • Save Time & Cost

    We have been in your shoes and know it very well how difficult it is to operate with limited resources. By joining hands with us, you increase your business productivity, while saving time and cost.

  • Flexibility in execution

    Planning is important and so is execution, however for a startup things could be a little unpredictive. To cope up with it, we provide the desired flexibility to our startup clients for proper execution.

  • Long term relationship

    With the passage of time, the understanding between two parties improves and their activities synchronize better. That's the precise reason behind, why we value long term relationships with our startup clients.

  • End-to-end solution catpability

    We hold the capability to execute an idea from scratch and provide 360-degree digital transformation. We can be trusted because we have done it for ourselves as well as for hundred others.

  • Trustworthy and dependable

    It's due to our team's dependability and trustworthiness that we operate at a 98% client retention rate.

  • Value addition

    Along with the digital empowerment, we also guide you through your startup journey by providing value added services via our business consultancy.

  • Innovation As A Core Value

    We value innovation because that's the core value of a startup. Innovation acts as a USP and differentiates a business from the rest of its competition.

  • We do not outsource any development work

    We believe in the competencies of our team more than anybody else, that's why all our development work is executed in-house and never outsourced.

  • 24/7 Operations

    We offer services to global startups and are available for help at any time of the day, at any part of the world.


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