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Book & CD Cover Services

It is often quoted, “never judge a book by its cover”. But frankly, would you pick up a book with a cover that does not entice you to open and read it? Truth is, the golden rule of ‘packaging your product well’ to increase its saleability holds true for books and CDs too! In fact, a book cover is the most vital advertising element that determines its selling point. This is why it should be designed with as much creativity as the writer puts in penning it down!

If you are looking for professional book cover design and book design services for your manuscript, you have come to the right place! At I Web Services we offer you a wide range of choices with regards to book cover design and CD cover design. We have a rich pool of graphic designers who have years of experience in designing attractive book covers for leading publishers and best selling authors.

Our designers understand the nature, content and theme of your book before conceptualizing a befitting design for it. In the process they work diligently to choose the best layout, font style and size and appearance for your book to make it look professional and corresponding to the content’s theme. All this is done to ensure that your book draws the attention of your target readers.

Our book design services include:

  • Designing the book cover
  • Designing and formatting the interior pages
  • Helping you choose an editor/proof reader as well as printer
  • Managing your entire book publishing project by coordinating with you, the editor and the printer

Do we have a fondness for the finer things in life? You bet! Which is why, along with our love for books, we also carry a great passion for music. And what could be a better way to share the passion than by offering premium CD cover design services?

Our CD cover design services include offering you an attractive selection of cover styles and concept sketches to choose from. You can choose to have these sketches in pencil or as a rough first draft of bespoke colour scheme.

Our matchless product and service quality, quick turn around time and extremely pocket-friendly pricing makes us a leading book cover design and CD cover design service provider in India.

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