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Newsletter Marketing Services

If you thought Email was dead or growing out of fashion (thanks to the boom of social networking0, you are in for a surprise! Just open your inbox and you’ll see dozens of emails from various retailers, suppliers and business entities. Truth is, Email newsletter marketing services have become more important than ever before. As the competition between brands and businesses continue to grow, the trend of sending emails to promote products and services and facilitate better customer relationship management is on the rise.

If you are looking for reliable email newsletter marketing services in India, you have come to the right place! At I Web Services, we are well versed with using email newsletters as efficient, cost-effective and result-oriented marketing tools to yield better customer response and sales for your business. There are various benefits of seeking our email newsletter services. Some of these include:

  • Wider market reach
  • Quick, easy and sustained interaction with clients
  • Keeping customers updated about your latest news, products and services
  • Making customers participants in business decisions
  • The most cost-effective way to market your brand and products

At I Web Services, we believe that e-newsletter service can be a powerful tool to create a great rapport with the customers. Once they know that you keep them in loop while making important business decisions, they become loyal towards your brand and business ideologies. Plus, asking for customer feedback and reviews through a robust email newsletter service makes them believe that their opinion matters!

Our e-newsletter service comprises:

  • Designing the e-newsletter

    From choosing the perfect layout to the most bespoke colors, fonts and high quality graphics – we make sure that your email newsletter is endowed with the most attractive features that attract your clients and the most relevant information to engage and prompt them to get in touch with you.

  • Administration of your email newsletter

    Our team ensures that your e-newsletter gets delivered to thousands of potential customers. We study your target user demographics and source the most relevant customer databases that you can market your products or services to.

  • Direct marketing

    Our Email newsletter marketing services do not end with designing and emailing the newsletter. We go a step further and carry out personal communication with your potential customers with the motive of marketing your brand and convincing them to make a transaction with you.

Our e-Newsletter service aims to increase your client base, create a strong brand identity and help you to establish a great rapport with your customers. At the same time, we work on helping you push sales and increase your profit margins.

Are you ready to tap the potential that this powerful direct marketing tool holds?

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