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Migration & Porting Services

A software product is developed on a particular platform, using a particular technology that is deemed to make it most effective. However, choosing a single platform approach to develop and use the product may give rise to the risk of alienating other users who use other platforms. Software porting and migration services are usually employed in order to enhance the compatibility of the product across various platforms and broaden its market reach. If you are looking for a professional company that can help to port, migrate and re-engineer your software to make it more accessible across varied platforms, you are at the right place.

I Web Services offers reliable software porting and migration services, database migration, database porting, application migration, application porting and operating system migration services – all under a single roof!

At I Web Services, we have been offering robust software porting and migration services to our clients hailing from various industries for many years now. We employ our rich experience of working on hundreds of projects and a clear porting methodology to deliver the most immaculate porting and migration services.

The professionals offering software porting and migration services at I Web Services have thorough knowledge of porting across different platforms such as from Windows to MacOS. They work in a cohesive manner to draw up a strategy and resolve any differences between platforms before initializing the porting and migrations process. Initial assessment and strategizing also helps them to determine the best product architecture and environment to deliver the best results.

Whether you wish to migrate from a legacy system, upgrade your current software base or move to a new business platform, I Web Services can guarantee to facilitate the migration of your applications from the source to the target without disrupting their performance. If you are looking for database migration across various databases or application migration across various platforms, we can help you achieve it in a hassle free manner.

At I Web Services, we offer the following Software Porting and Migration Services:

  • Application server migration – including Weblogic, JBoss, WebSphere etc.
  • Operating System migration – Windows, Solaris, Linux
  • Database porting – Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, etc.
  • Pre Dot NET to Dot NET migration
  • J2EE to Dot NET migration and Dot NET to J2EE migration
  • Programming language migration
  • Web-enabling legacy applications
  • Productivity and utility applications

What’s more – we guarantee unmatched quality of Software Porting and Migration Services at costs that would fit your bill perfectly.

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